Oak Fire Surrounds.

Oak fireplaces are one of the most stunning materials available to create the perfect fireplace. With an attractive oak fireplace you can give the center piece of your living area a warm and sophisticated look.

Oak Fireplaces

There are numerous materials available to create the perfect fireplace with an attractive fire surround, but one of the most stunning materials used by craftsmen is Oak wood.  Oak wood is so beautifully versatile and can be adapted to creating anything from a warm, traditional rustic look to a more sophisticated and chic appeal. Solid oak is often used by craftsmen who carefully hand pick the wood to ensure a consistent colour and grain, guaranteeing only the very highest quality, and finishing the oak fireplace with Danish oil, beeswax or even lacquered to match existing oak furniture within the room. Oak fireplaces are so adaptable to blending in with all types of décor, which is probably one of the many reasons an oak fireplace has become increasingly desirable.

There are so many superb designs available on the market today and some of the most appealing design consists of the Box Oak fireplace which is a classic, clean-cut, stunning fireplace, bringing all the warmth an oak fireplace can offer. There is also the 3 step oak fireplace which brings the perfect combination of both style and warmth into your living room and can be blended with a marble set or a classic matching mirror to bring further elegance. Another great design is the Straight Oak Fireplace which is extremely sophisticated and stylish and suitable for modern or traditional interior décor and can be mixed with a black granite set to compliment the beauty of the oak wood. As you can see, many of these opulently hands crafted oak fireplaces offer the flexibility of combining other materials such as granite or marble to boast even further warmth and richness to an already elegant oak fireplace design. With such a huge range of wonderful oak fire surrounds, you will be spoilt for choice.

A home wouldn’t be complete without a stunning fireplace and there is nothing like a quality oak fireplace to enhance your living room and to create a wonderfully warm and inviting centre piece to your home. A fireplace is the main focus of a room and can also be the making of a room or even an entire home, which is why it’s important to create the right look and appeal to suit your home. No matter what size room you have, you can always obtain the perfect impression with a fine oak fireplace. Not only is it essential for bringing warmth into your home, but an oak fireplace also offers such charm and sophistication to a living room. An oak fireplace is a highly sought after and recommended asset to your home.

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