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Complete your fireplace with accessories.

Is your fireplace complete? Have you considered any fireplace accessories that can not only complement your fireplace but offer a practical, useful purpose.

So you have bought your new oak fire surround, hearth and back panel. Perhaps you have even purchased a mantel mirror to match but is your fireplace complete? There are a range of fireplace accessories available for your new fireplace to enhance the effect that it has, make your fireplace safer and assist in cleaning and maintenance.

A common accessory purchased with open fires happens to be a fireguard. Often is the case that many a household have a number of small children and pets who may at times be at risk from getting too close to the fire. A fireguard is a great method of fire safety and accident prevention. Fireguards can come in a range of different styles, sizes and materials. There are many fireguards on the current market that have been beautifully designed and can enhance the character of your fireplace whilst serving an important purpose. Fireguards can come in a number of different sizes and styles to suit your particular needs. Some fireguards or fire screens as they can also be known sit in front of the fire and do not require fixing to a surface. Fire screens are ideal to prevent any direct contact with an open flame as they cover the opening in the fire whilst still allowing the heat to circulate around the room . Nursery fireguards are designed to go around the hearth of the fireplace and ensure much more of a distance from the open flame. Many nursery fireguards come in the fashion of a cage that will surround your fire and can be attached to the surrounding brickwork via hooks.

To ensure that your fire looks as great as it is intended it is often recommended that you use maintenance kits to keep your fireplace looking great. There are various accessories available for purchase that makes cleaning and maintenance of your fireplace an easy task. All fires that use wood as a source of solid fuel will leave an ash residue that must be cleaned regularly. Companion sets are not only a set of useful tools for cleaning your fireplace but also look great as an accompanying item. Companion sets usually consist of a hearth brush, fire poker, tongs and a shovel. Many companion sets come with a stand to store the fireside tools; many companion stands carry their own unique designs to meet different individual tastes. You can rejuvenate your cast iron fireplace and keep it looking like new with the use of high heat spray paint. The paint will cover any ash residue that may have stained the cast bringing the colour to a nice even tone.

If you own a gas fire you will be able to change the feature by the use of replacement coals or pebbles. You can purchase different pebbles and coals as standalone products which is great for when you want to keep your existing fire but fancy a change of scene. Over time continuous use of artificial coals may cause them to become discoloured, coal paint can be purchased to return the coals back to their original base colour.

Additional fireside accessories can give your fireplace a rejuvenated appearance by the use of simple tools and techniques. Fireguards, companion sets, and spray paints are all designed to enhance the appearance of your fireplace and can make it look as good as new.

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