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Questions to ask when buying a new fireplace.

Ask the right questions receive the right answers. Make sure you stay informed when buying a new fireplace.

Buying a new fireplace can seem like a daunting task but is easy when you know. Understandably there will be a number of questions that you will want to ask the manufacturer or retailer of your new fireplace. Asking the right questions will ensure that you will receive the essential knowledge you need when buying a new fireplace.

What material will my fireplace be made from?

There are many types of fireplaces available on the market, Micro Marble, Natural Marble, Solid Oak and Oak veneer. It is important to know the product you are buying so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that it is suitable to meet all of your fireplaces requirements as well as suit any particular styles that you trying to achieve.

Do you make fireplaces to bespoke measurements?

Everybody’s home is different and your individual fireplace measurements may differ from the standard measurements that a company manufacturers. It is important to make sure that your fireplace meets your specific desired measurements to ensure that you are receiving a quality product that meets all of your requirements and needs.

What type of material will my back panel and hearth will be made out of?

As professionals within the fireplace industry know there are various different types of Marble and Granite. The characteristics between natural and micro marbles differ greatly. Natural marble can be found to contain that run through and make up the character of the marble. If you would prefer your fireplace to have a plain face and with “light” or no natural veins then Micro marbles may be a more suitable choice. Micro marbles are manufactured and designed to different styles offering a more consistent style of finish.

Will I need a specific hearth for my fire?

If you are ordering a solid fuel fire or a stove you will need a specific “slabbed” hearth. A slabbed hearth is a hearth that has been designed to specifically deal with the high temperatures given off by burning solid fuel. Most gas and electric fires are compatible with “non slabbed” marble and granite sets.

My home does not have a chimney, will this affect my purchase?

If you are intending to buy a Gas, solid fuel fire or stove you must have a working chimney or form of ventilation in place as a means for harmful gasses to escape. If you do not a have a chimney breast you will still be eligible to choose from a number of electric fires. Many electric fires available now provide a high level of heat and a realistic flame effect.

What finish will be used to complete my Oak Fire Surround?

There are a number of different wood treatments that can be used to finish oak fire surrounds each will have its own unique effect on the colour and characteristics of the final finish. If there is a particular style of fireplace that you are aiming to achieve then it is worth exploring the range of products that are on the market or specifying your desired finish to the manufacturer.

Will fixings be provided with my purchase?

It is advisable to have a rough Idea of how you prefer your fireplace to be fixed. With such a vast range of products on the market there are numerous ways to fix your fireplace to its desired location. Some fireplaces can be installed with the use of hidden fixing clips others with ones that are seen, it is down to personal preference as to which you prefer.

How will I operate my new fire?

Ask the manufacturer or supplier of your fire how it operates. Many electric fires can be operated manually and by remote control, keep in mind that some gas fires may have to be operated at hearth level or by the use of a switch that can be located at the top or side of the fire.

What type of fuel can I burn?

The types of fuel you can burn differ from each individual product. It is recommended that well-seasoned wood with low moisture content is used on a wood burning stove this is to improve efficiency and to ensure a reduced soot build up in your chimney or flue. You will be able to burn different types of solid fuel in a multi fuel stove; it is highly recommended that you look out for the HETAS logo on approved fuels to ensure efficiency and safety.

How and when will my fireplace be delivered?

Having a plan is the best way to prepare for your new fireplace so knowing how and when it is being delivered will help you to organise time around your new purchase. Some fireplace retailers may require you to collect your purchase. Suitable transportation such as a van or spacious car may be required, it is also wise to bring blankets or some form of cushion so that the fireplace is protected during the journey.

Am I entitled to a refund if I am not entirely happy with my purchase?

Ask the retailer about their returns and alteration policy, this may differ from business to business and as your fireplace will be made up of critical measurements it is important that you find a company who are flexible when it comes to altering and/or refunding your product so that the final product you receive will meet all expectations and desires.

How do I maintain the finish of the oak in my fire surround?

The finish of the oak in your fireplace may age over time, ask the retailer or manufacturer for various tips on how to keep the finish consistent, and if you are required to purchase any treatments for your new purchase. Some manufacturers may even provide you with a means to maintain the finish such as a tin of oil or oak stain.

Purchasing a new fireplace is easy when you know how, asking the right questions to the right people will ensure that your fireplace will look exactly as you expected. Visit or call a showroom to speak to an experienced professional who will be able to answer your question with a knowledge gained from years of experience within the industry. There are a number of fireplace showrooms across the UK, visit www.fireplace.co.uk to find a showroom near you today.

Designer fireplaces are manufacturers of high quality solid oak fire surroundsmantel shelvesmantel mirrors and marble sets. Give our office a call today Mick or Danny will personally handle your enquiry and will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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